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Pastor Jamie Almquist, M. Div.
Jamie A - Headshot 2.jpg

My name is Jamie Almquist, and I am pleased to introduce myself as the new pastor appointed at Glenwood Moravian Community Church. Many of you may remember that I interned with Glenwood before COVID. Believe it or not, it has been two years since I finished my internship with you all! In that time, I have completed my M.Div. degree from Iliff School of Theology, and I am now working on finishing up my classes through Moravian Seminary so that I can finish my ordination requirements for the Moravian church.


I am licensed to perform the sacraments for Glenwood, so I am able to fully serve you all as best I can during my appointment. I am looking forward to the possibilities that working with and in this community has to offer. I am looking forward to meeting those of you I have not met yet, and having an opportunity to chat with those of you that I have met. I will be working hard over the next few weeks to get some visits scheduled with those who would like a pastoral visit, and I will be working on getting myself settled in as your new pastor.


One of my goals starting out is to share some thoughts with you each week through this weekly newsletter, and I hope to keep the weekly GUM current and relevant, so I encourage you to read it each week to learn about all the events happening, especially during Lent.

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